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Small Business & Startup Support

Starting your own business can be overwhelming and it’s often difficult to know where to start. Getting the right foundations in place can be critical to building a maintaining a successful business.

I offer a small business and startup support service to help you establish your online presence and marketing plans. I will work with you to understand your short term and long-term goals and develop a structured plan to achieve these.

Some of the areas where I can offer support and expertise are:

  • Website creation

  • SEO best practise guidelines

  • Branding

  • Marketing planning

  • New customer acquisition

  • Social media strategy 

  • Content strategy and planning 

  • Performance monitoring


As with all my services the support I will give you is tailor made to your business and budget. My aim is to empower businesses of all sizes to own their online presence and reach their goals.

Get in touch to find out more about how we could work together.

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