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About RUN Marketing

Hi, I'm Charlotte aka RUN Marketing

I'm Charlotte Pirie, freelance marketing consultant and founder of RUN Marketing. I started RUN Marketing because I saw a need for small businesses and start ups to be able to access honest, affordable online marketing support.

I feel passionately that every business has the potential to succeed online if the right foundations are in place.  I want to empower businesses to harness their online potential and meet their goals. 

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How can my skills help your small business get seen online?

I have over 10 years online marketing experience gained through numerous roles in multichannel businesses. Most of my career has been spent working for well known high street and pureplay online retailers in e-commerce roles including Website Manager, Online User Experience Manager and Product Manager. These roles have allowed me to build an extensive knowledge of e-commerce management, search engine optimisation (SEO), conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and online marketing. In addition to my many years of industry experience I have a 1st Class degree in Marketing & Advertising. 

I have a passion for sharing this knowledge to empower both small and large businesses to accelerate their online presence and sales. If you've worked with me before or just had a chat with me you will know I can't help myself when it comes to dishing out free advice.

I want every small business to succeed and I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can. 

RUN Marketing Values


I'll always be honest and transparent about what I can offer and how it will help your business. 



I'll only work with you if I feel that I can add value to your business. 



We can’t all be experts in everything so I work with a network of brilliant professionals to bring you a wide range of business and marketing services. 



I only work with businesses that I feel meet my values and beliefs. I will never work with a business that is dishonest, exploitive or discriminative. 


I  work around my family life and as such I don’t always work traditional hours, I won’t expect you to always be ‘on’ and I hope that you wouldn’t expect that of me either.



I like to manage expectations clearly and will always be clear about what is included in my pricing and deliverables 



I'm big on communication, after all it’s the crux of marketing. I’ll keep you in the loop as much or as little as you want. Prefer voice messages or video updates to emails, no problem! I'm all about working & communicating in a way that’s most effective for all. 

Enough of the serious marketing stuff . . . 

I believe that the best business relationships are built on human connection, so here's a bit more about me. 

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I'm mum to 2 beautiful little girls. RUN Marketing allows me to balance 'mum-life' and 'work life'. 

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I'm passionate about sustainability and have a borderline obsession with buying and selling on Facebook marketplace and Vinted. And I can't forget to mention my new hobby of home composting & growing veg. 

Lifting heavy weights is my new 'thing'. I just love it! I'm enjoying putting a literal meaning to The Strong Girls Club (check out Mutha Hood if you don't get the reference, she's my small biz idol)

Charlotte Pirie RUN Marketing Weight Ligting.jpg

I LOVE to talk. If you ever see me then please stop to say hi. As humans we're meant to be social and I get such a buzz from having meaningful conversations, you never know where they're going to lead. 

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