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SEO & Website Optimisation - Aqua-tox Health and Wellness Clinic

Who are Aqua-tox?

Aqua-Tox are a health and wellness clinic based in Hertford, Hertfordshire. They offer a range of health, wellness and aesthetics treatments using industry leading technology & techniques. 

Why work with RUN Marketing?

Aqua-Tox had already identified that their website wasn’t performing as well as it could. They didn’t love the look and feel of the website but knew there was something more to it and that they should be getting more leads via the website.They’d also been spending a significant amount of money on Google Ads but not seeing the return on investment they wanted.

Aqua-tox are looking to grow the business significantly within the next 12 months so didn’t want to invest heavily in the current website but knew that something needed to be done in the short term to enable them to generate more enquiries and bookings. 

Knowing that the website was crucial for their business they got in touch with me to discuss their concerns and determine what could be done to improve the situation. By understanding both the short and long term business goals I was confident I could build out an optimisation strategy that covered both generating and converting more leads but didn’t involve a complete overhaul of the website. 

So what did we do?

With growth in the business on the horizon that would likely involve a new website we took a modest approach to optimising the existing business website.  I worked with Aqua-tox to identify their business goals and work out the priority areas of optimisation. 

In this case Aqua-tox wanted to build SEO rankings for Laser Hair Removal and Lipofirm both within the area local to Hertford and wider in Hertfordshire. These are both high value treatments where the clinic has invested heavily in industry leading machines so the rewards from increasing visibility and ultimately bookings would be high. I focussed heavily on these pages of the website before progressing to optimising the other treatment pages and wider site. 


It was important for me to not only consider SEO but to also focus on CRO (conversion rate optimisation). Simply put this meant ensuring the website was optimised to encourage and facilitate bookings and enquiries. There was very little point in driving new search traffic to the website if it wasn’t set out to encourage the next step of contacting the clinic. 

What key SEO actions were implemented?

On page SEO was the main area of focus and overall SEO health was also evaluated with any critical site issues being fixed before completing wider optimisations. Before completing on page actions I conducted keyword research to ensure we would be including all key terms and phrases used to search for the health & wellness treatments offered by Aqua-tox. 

On page SEO actions included optimising page titles, page headings, content and images as well as the addition of FAQs and both internal & external linking. 


By looking at all of these elements on a page by page basis I was able to quickly see where some of the key limitations were and build a list of optimisations that would need to be carried out across all pages to improve the overall SEO health and performance of the website.

What CRO actions were implemented? 

Actions such as re-writing headings & copy, improving image quality and adding key calls to action (CTAs) in relevant positions were taken across the website. It’s important to always come back to thinking about what the user wants and needs to see when they land on the website. In the case of Aqua-tox it was important for the user to be able to see clear information about each treatment on offer along with pricing, validation about the clinic safety and credibility and information about how to book. 


All CRO actions were taken with the user in mind and many went hand in hand with the SEO actions discussed previously. One of the simplest, most effective and often overlooked CRO actions is adding calls to action (CTA). Prompting and guiding the user on what they could and should do next is extremely powerful. In the case of Aqua-tox very few pages had booking CTAs and instead relied on a booking form above the footer, there were also very few directional CTAs within the pages e.g. find out more, read FAQs. 

What was the result of the search and conversion rate optimisations?

  • Aqua-tox have seen a considerable increase in enquiries and bookings through the website. CRO actions such as adding more CTAs had an immediate effect on this and are a great place to start if your website has a good level of traffic but you’re not seeing that translate into enquiries, sales etc. 

  • Aqua-tox have been able to massively decrease their Google Ads spend and instead put this budget towards other areas of the business where they will get a better ROI and longer lasting impact.  

  • Aqua-tox have seen a fantastic improvement in their search engine ranking positions for local searches of their treatments and even in some non local searches. Some examples in position 1-3* inlcude:

  • Aqua-tox have also seen a wider breadth of search terms that they are gaining impressions and clicks for and we are continuing to see this improve each time Google recrawls the website. 


*SERPs fluctuate regularly so positions are correct at the time of writing in July 2022

What’s next for RUN Marketing and Aqua-tox?

I am continuing to work with Aqua-tox as they build out their plans for business growth. A website is never complete and there are always adjustments and additions that can be made to further improve performance. It’s also really important to monitor SEO and be quick to identify any change in rankings once search becomes a valuable part of the marketing mix. 

In the coming months I’ll be working with Aqua Tox to support the development and launch of a new website and branding. By getting to know the business so well over the past few months I’m also able to support wider marketing efforts with ease and have recently created a printed brochure for the clinic.

If you think that I could be a good fit to support you with your business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love supporting small businesses and seeing great things happen with the right marketing in place. I pride myself on being extremely hard working, professional and honest and this can be seen in the 5* reviews I’ve received from my previous work.

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