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Hello and welcome

Hi! I thought I'd do a little introduction blog to tell you a bit more about myself and RUN Marketing before we get into the really good stuff (my optimisation content!).

I'm Charlotte, freelance marketing and e-commerce consultant and founder of RUN Marketing. I'm a mum to two wonderful daughters and wife to a fitness fanatic. I'm an irritating perfectionist, foodie and all round marketing nerd. I started RUN Marketing because after 10+ years of working in online marketing & web optimisation roles for large companies I felt that it was time to shake things up, take control of what I wanted in life and bring my skills to more businesses.

Charlotte Pirie - woman with mid length brown hair wearing a green jacket
Hi, this is me!

The 9-5 no longer suited me and my family, I no longer enjoyed working to make someone else money and I was frustrated with the pace of change in large organisations. So RUN Marketing was born in attempt to bring together my love for marketing and web optimisation, bring balance to my family life, and to bring my skills to small businesses and start ups where I can really make a difference to another business' progression and growth.

I'm extremely passionate about helping small businesses to understand their online potential, and optimise all of their marketing efforts to accelerate their growth towards their business goals. Being a small business owner means wearing many hats, some of which you have no desire to wear. Marketing manager, website designer, social media manager, finance manager, HR manager, customer service manager . . . and that's just naming a few. It's overwhelming and means you're learning on the job, often being taken away from what you do best and the thing that is the core of your business. It's not always possible to outsource these tasks and many business owners won't want to. I want RUN Marketing to help ease this overwhelm and allow businesses to access affordable, expert marketing and web optimisation support in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with. I want to empower businesses with knowledge and skills that will help their business to flourish in the online space. Optimisation is at the core of every service I offer. Do what you do and do it better.

As I said in my introduction, I'm a marketing nerd. I really am, but more specifically I'm a website nerd. I'm the person who leaves detailed feedback and screenshots in online feedback tools and secretly hopes I see my suggestions implemented on that website in the future. I love a perfectly implemented error message or a seamless checkout and love to talk about it with anyone that is remotely interested (definitely not my husband who will more than likely roll his eyes and think 'here she goes again').

I love taking a website, product, app or customer journey, breaking it down, digging into data and putting it all back together again to make it work harder and more effectively. My hope it that RUN Marketing can help small business and start ups really understand how to optimise their own websites and marketing so that they can focus on what they do best and spend less time and money on marketing.

If you're reading this and anything resonated with you or your small business then get in touch to say hi (especially if you just want some nerdy website chat!). I can't wait to connect with you.

Keep checking back in at the blog for my top tips on everything from getting more customers to your 'door' to optimising your online checkout and everything in between. And keep up to date with me on social media for more regular updates and top tips.

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